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CHEM CONCRETE Canada comprises a team of globally-distinguished professors, PhD holders, and engineers specialising in developing, manufacturing, and supplying a new generation of concrete waterproofing admixture known as “Hybrid ChemConcrete-WP Admix” (Patent No. 2023902368) – Proven to be the most reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally product compared to the traditional waterproofing products.

Benefits of Using Hybrid “ChemConcrete-WP” Admix

  • Highly cost effective and affordable.
  • Enhanced durability and waterproofing beyond comparison.
  • A NEW generation of waterproofing admixtures – world patent.
  • The most comprehensive “hybrid” waterproofing mechanism (including hydrophobic, selfheling/crystalline, pore blocking, densifying, nano-technology).
  • Very positive impact on fresh and strength properties.
  • Significantly increased life span for infrastructure.
  • Independently tested and proven.
  • End rehab by combination of MST Rebar

(Hybrid ChemConcrete-WP Admix)

Dr. Sam Soheil Jahandari

Sam (Soheil) Jahandari holds a PhD focused on “concrete waterproofing admixtures & durability” from Western Sydney University, Australia. He also has over 17 years of work experience in the concrete industry, and is a globally recognised expert in the field of “concrete waterproofing/durability-improving admixtures”.
Sam is currently working as the Director of Chem Concrete, and is one of the main inventors of “hybrid” concrete waterproofing admixtures technology. With over 17 years of experience in concrete technology, testing, durability, and manufacturing, Sam’s greatest strength and passion is “Advancing the Hybrid Concrete Waterproofing Admixtures & Technology”.

Martin Halliwell P.Eng MBA


Experience in a variety of engineering and contracting environments. Buildings, Heavy Civil, Mechanical/electrical, waterproofing systems and extensive experience in Special Foundations.
Worked as Operations Manager with Deep Foundations Contractors in 1982-1989

Vice President Operations MCI General Contractors Mississauga 1989-1993

President Sutherland * Shultz Kitchener 1993-1994

President Northern Industrial 1995-2005

Founder President HC Group 1995~2018

Associate Partner Feng 2017-Present



Co-inventors of Hybrid ChemConcrete-WP Waterproofing Admixture



CHEM CONCRETE comprises a team of globally-renowned professors, PhD holders, and engineers specialising in developing, manufacturing, and supplying a new generation of concrete waterproofing admixtures (Hybrid “ChemConcrete-WP” Admix) Highly Reliable, Environmentally-Friendly, and Cost-Effective.

ChemConcrete-WP Waterproofing Admixture

Chem Concrete-WP Admixture (available in both liquid and powder forms) is a new generation of integral concrete waterproofing admixtures (called ‘hybrid’ admixture) ̶ highly reliable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. At a dosage of 1% – 3% of total cementitious materials by weight (used as water replacement in the mix), this admixture significantly improves the fresh, mechanical and durability properties of concrete and provides a permanently waterproof concrete for water and liquid retaining structures. Refer to the Technical Documents for test results.

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